Marketing strategy and coaching for churches

Increase Attendee Engagement – Impact More People – Exceed Campaign Goals

What Happens When your message is outdated or Irrelevant?

Attendance Drops

People are unsure of who you are, and are less likely to attend your church.

Loss Of Influence

Church leaders can lose their signifigance as spiritual leaders or even their jobs.

Confusing Message

People who can’t understand your message will never engage with your community.

Most Churches have trouble communicating their message clearly. Through strategy and marketing coaching I help you Craft Your Story, so you can Grow Your Church!

a few practical areas a clear story will help you grow your church

Capital Campaigns

Create a clear and direct message that will result in higher giving.


Engage more users, and ultimately get more people to attend your church.

Testimony Videos

Tell better life stories of change using the StoryBrand framework.


Make announcements clear and drive more people to attend.


Allow your people and your staff to align under a clear message and purpose.


Use the StoryBrand framework to preach better sermons that enage better.

How I craft your story


Evaluate your Needs

Each church is unique and so are your needs.  I evaluate your specific needs for your unique church.

Create A Plan

Once I know your unique needs I create a custom plan that gives you clear direction on how to move forward.

Execute your plan

Once you have your plan, I go the extra mile to coach you through how to implement it and create success.

a guide to partner with you

I am not just another consultant, but a guide who has been in the trenches of ministry and understands the unique needs of the church.

Grow your church by crafting a clear and compelling story.

Personalized Attention

Real world Ministry experience

coaching that aligns your team

Nick walked us through a process to help us boil down our message to even greater clarity and then gave us the tools and ideas we needed to put it into use. I am so glad we chose to work with Nick. He has helped us make important strides we couldn’t have done on our own. Eric Upton

Christ's Church of the Valley, Phoenix, AZ

Make your church stand out

In an ever changing culture I know how
it can feel when the church appears
outdated or irrelevant.

Why Trust Nick…

Real Ministry Experience

With over 17 years of ministry experience in churches ranging from a church plant all the way up to one of the top 10 largest churches in America, I understand the how limited time and a lack of knowledge can hold a church back from crafting a clear message.

In addition, I currently serve as the Communications Director at Cornerstone Church in Chandler, AZ – a church of 6o00 over 3 locations.

Still not convinced?

Your investment

I know it can be hard allocating money for things like marketing and strategy, but the real question is
who are you NOT REACHING with an unclear and unfocused message.

With my extensive experience working in and for churches of all sizes I can partner with your team to help them get past your hurdles and  implement a strong Marketing Strategy.


I partner with your team to help you implement StoryBrand at your church.  

Looking for something else…I can work with you to create the perfect package for your church.


Maybe you’ve already created a BrandScript and just need someone to look over it with you.  Then a BrandScript Audit is what you need.

Designed for those who have already created a BrandScript but feel like you need an expert to take a look at.  Over a 45 minute video call we will review your BrandScript and I will provide feedback to adjust it.  Then a week later we will do a second 45 minute video call to look over the adjustments you’ve made, and I will once again provide feedback.  Cost is $299

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